Running a business? Does it get gold stars from your customers? If you’re not running a business, do you want to? Perhaps your own business? If you are an entrepreneur or manager and want to build a successful company, this is the place to find simple, practical tips for outperforming your competition, keeping your employees happy and productive, and building a great reputation for your excellent company.

Setting Your Prices

  Selling your product or service is easiest if your prices are lower than your competition’s prices. But that’s not a good reason for having the lowest price. Your prices MUST cover all of your costs plus a reasonable profit. If they don’t, you... read more

How To Make Your Meetings Useful

 There are three reasons to have a meeting in your excellent company: Review status and explain activities Identify problems Decide what actions to take Too many meetings cover the first two items and leave the last hanging with everyone assuming that someone else... read more

Are You Showing Your Best Face?

When you write something that your customers may see, be sure to proofread it and eliminate all the errors.  Misspellings, typographical errors (typos), and wrong word choices will create a bad image of your company in the eyes of some customers. Someone other than... read more

Do You Really Know Your Market?

Are your monthly sales less than you would like? For just a few minutes, stop worrying about that order you just lost and step back. Take a deep breath and ask yourself: Can I write a list of five types of restaurants that need my product? Or a list of four... read more

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