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When you write something that your customers may see, be sure to proofread it and eliminate all the errors.  Misspellings, typographical errors (typos), and wrong word choices will create a bad image of your company in the eyes of some customers.

Someone other than the writer should examine your written advertisements, product brochures, menus or news releases.  It’s nearly impossible for the writer to catch all of his or her own mistakes.

A second or even a third pair of eyes is much more likely to spot that last error that looks so natural to the originator.

The best proofreader in your company (other than you) is the person who is the fussiest about details.  It’s the person who drives everyone crazy when they nit-pick all the little things.

Give that person the responsibility for finding your writing errors, and they will put that annoying personality trait to work for the benefit of the company.  They will be so tickled to be invited to point out the boss’ mistakes that they will do a superb job.

The last thing you need is the loss of an order or the failure to get repeat business because a picky customer was given a bad impression of your company by spelling errors in your advertisements.  You will never be sorry when you show your best, most professional face to your public.

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