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How do we make sure that our customers come to us instead of our competition?  We do everything we can to develop an excellent reputation.

An excellent company puts product quality first. If you are manufacturing a product, your goal should be that it never fail. If your product is a service, it should be done better than anyone else can do it.

For instance, in cleaning the offices of your client companies, those floors should shine and every last waste basket should be emptied. If you sell software, your goal should be to make the user interface so obvious, so self-explanatory that the customers will never complain.

Your clients and customers are your best sales persons and you don’t even need to pay them.

If they like your product, they will help you for free to grow your business by telling their friends and colleagues about the excellent work you do.  If they don’t like your product, they will help you shrink your business at very high cost to you.

Real-World Example

When my employees attached a serial number tag on our electronic products, I insisted that it be straight.  If it was even a little bit crooked, I had them remove it (no small task) and put another one on.

This served a double purpose.

It helped guarantee that the customer who bought that unit would know that it was manufactured with loving care, and it sent a message to my employees that quality was of primary importance.

Of course I used good humor when I asked them to replace the tag, and I explained why.  Did they make jokes behind my back about this nit picking?  Probably.

I know for sure that they sometimes razzed me about it to my face, but it was all good humored fun, and the message was remembered and carried over into other areas in our company.  There were no crooked serial number tags to make our customers think that the product had been put together carelessly.

It has been said that “Quality is free.”  Your efforts to produce a high-quality, excellent product will result in a payoff that exceeds the cost.

How Do You Focus On Quality?

Please share in the comments how you ensure quality in the work that you do.