Group in business meeting

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 There are three reasons to have a meeting in your excellent company:

  1. Review status and explain activities
  2. Identify problems
  3. Decide what actions to take

Too many meetings cover the first two items and leave the last hanging with everyone assuming that someone else will fix the problems.

Here are two rules you should use to make your meetings useful:

  1. Always have a written agenda ready before the meeting.  Even if it is only a list of items to cover written on the back of an envelope, an agenda is always a good idea.  It helps keep the meeting on track and avoids wasted time.
  2. Always make a list of action items at the meeting and include the name of the person responsible for each item.  This will make everyone’s obligations crystal clear and will give you a list of follow-up items for your next meeting agenda.

By following these two rules you will make your meetings productive.  You will also avoid the frustration caused by unclear instructions.

If everyone leaving the meeting knows who is responsible for what, your company will run more smoothly and you’ll be one step closer to excellence.

How do you make your company meetings useful?