"He refuses to change the lightbulb until we change."

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If your efforts to motivate your employees don’t work well, what can you change? Do you always set good examples for your co-workers?

Telling an employee how to behave or how to work hard or more efficiently is sometimes necessary. An even better path to excellence is showing the employee by setting a good example.

This can happen in many little ways.

You, as the owner or manager, can pitch in to help an overburdened employee who can’t quite get the day’s shipments packed before quitting time. You can grab a snow shovel or broom and clean off the front stoop before opening time in the morning.

And, of course, staying for a while at your desk at quitting time to clean up a few details can make an employee think twice before running out the door five minutes early. (I know… You’re already working 12 hours a day.  And your employees notice.)

It’s these occasional small ways of setting a good example for others that will show your colleagues how to pitch in and help you build an excellent company.

Occasionally doing the more menial tasks can be a tool of good leadership:  If the boss isn’t afraid to sweep the floor or change a lightbulb, how can I not do the same?

As the company grows, the time will come when you won’t be able to help at such a basic level.  Someone else who will then supervise those menial tasks will be able to set those good examples if you have shown them how.

How Do You Get the Best From Your Employees?

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