Presentations & Book Talks

Bob Hesselberth is available to speak at your event.

The main focus of the talk will be Bob Hesselberth’s book, Two Shakes of a Lamb’s Tail. This memoir covers experiences and episodes during his growing up in Indiana, coming of age, starting and managing Spectracom Corporation in western New York for 28 years, followed by a few retirement adventures.

Topic emphasis tailored to the interests of your group (Choose one):

  1. Book Club Presentation and Book Signing: Short talk about the origins of the book and its content with selected readings, followed by question period, followed by book signing. Of interest to avid readers, book clubs, and those with literary leanings.
  2. Self-Publishing: Talk about the book and the process of going from first words on paper through organization and formatting, to publication and availability on Includes selected readings, followed by question period and book signing. Of interest to those who are writing or want to write a memoir of their own.
  3. Writing a Memoir or Family History: Introduce the book and its characteristics, describe its family history and memoir features. Discuss the distinctions between family history, biography, autobiography, and memoir. Short readings from the book followed by question period and book signing. Of interest to genealogists and those who want to leave a family history legacy for their descendants.
  4. So You Want to Start a Business: Adventures and perils of entrepreneurship. Examines the hazards and risks of being a company founder and suggests ways to steer around them. Illustrated by short readings from Bob’s book & followed by book signing.

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